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2020-21 Upper Deck Black Diamond Hockey Hobby Box

2020-21 Upper Deck Black Diamond Hockey Hobby Box

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6 Premium Cards per Pack
1 Pack per Box 
5 Boxes per Inner Shipper
2 Inner Shippers per Case

·        Black Diamond is the first high-end product of the 2020-21 hockey season and is the first product of the year to feature an extensive selection of premium autograph and memorabilia cards for the 2020-21 rookie class!
·        The coveted Diamond Relic Rookies cards are back!
§  Each card in this set of top prospects boasts one to four diamonds. The better the prospect, the more diamonds the card will feature.
§  Additionally, every card in the set and its three parallels are numbered to 99 or less, including the highly-sought after 1-of-1 Pure Black parallel cards!
·        NEW! You can find additional Diamond Relic cards featuring rookies, as well as current stars and retired legends, via the all-new Diamond Legends, Diamond Stars and Diamond Futures insert cards.
§  Keep an eye out for a slew of low-numbered (most to 25 or less!) autograph & autograph + memorabilia parallels, highlighted by the 1-of-1 Pure Black Diamond Relic Auto parallel cards.
·        Every pack includes one Exquisite Collection chase card! Exquisite cards represent the first wave of a multi-product Exquisite hockey overlay program. The first wave delivers an exciting array of rookies and premium memorabilia.
·        NEW! The brand new Winter Classic Memories insert set commemorates recent top moments from this fan-favorite event. Look for low-numbered Gold and Gold Auto parallel cards!
·        Gemography, the longtime classic Black Diamond autograph insert reborn as an autographed Diamond Relic insert set in 2019-20, is back! All cards in this set, which boasts an intriguing mix of retired legends, current stars and rookies, are numbered to just 25.
·        The Jewels of the Draft autographed patch cards are back following a successful 2019-20 debut. These brightly-colored and sharply-designed cards featuring 2020-21 rookies will enhance any collection. These cards pop!
·        Grow your Team Logo Jumbo Patches collection!
§  This year’s edition features manufactured patch logos from the 2020 All-Star Game, the St. Louis Blues (Retro Jersey), the Arizona Coyotes (Retro/Alternate 3rd Jersey), the Edmonton Oilers (Alternate 3rd Jersey) and the Boston Bruins (Alternate 3rd Jersey).
§  Keep an eye out for the Gold parallel cards featuring the Full Team Logo (#’d to 15), the Full Team Alternate Logo (#’d to 5) and the NHL Shield Logo (1-of-1!). There are also Rookie Team Logo Jumbo Patches!



Order Due Date: September 8, 2020

Approximate Arrival Date: December 9, 2020


Diamond Relic Cards (Each Card Contains Between 1-4 Diamonds)                   

Card                                                                                                                                                        #’ing/Ratio
Diamond Relic Rookies - Single Diamond                                                                                           #’d to 99
Diamond Relic Rookies - Single Diamond - Ruby Parallel                                                                #’d to 49
Diamond Relic Rookies - Single Diamond - Emerald Parallel                                                          #’d to 10
Diamond Relic Rookies - Single Diamond - Pure Black Parallel                                                      #’d 1-of-1
Diamond Relic Rookies - Double Diamond                                                                                         #’d to 99
Diamond Relic Rookies - Double Diamond - Ruby Parallel                                                               #’d to 49
Diamond Relic Rookies - Double Diamond - Emerald Parallel                                                         #’d to 10
Diamond Relic Rookies - Double Diamond - Pure Black Parallel                                                     #’d 1-of-1
Diamond Relic Rookies - Triple Diamond                                                                                            #’d to 99
Diamond Relic Rookies - Triple Diamond - Ruby Parallel                                                                 #’d to 49
Diamond Relic Rookies - Triple Diamond - Emerald Parallel                                                           #’d to 10
Diamond Relic Rookies - Triple Diamond - Pure Black Parallel                                                       #’d 1-of-1
Diamond Relic Rookies - Quad Diamond                                                                                            #’d to 99
Diamond Relic Rookies - Quad Diamond - Ruby Parallel                                                                  #’d to 49
Diamond Relic Rookies - Quad Diamond - Emerald Parallel                                                             #’d to 10
Diamond Relic Rookies - Quad Diamond - Pure Black Parallel                                                         #’d 1-of-1
Diamond Relic Rookies Flashback - Quad Diamond                                                                           #’d to Jersey Number
Diamond Relic Rookies Flashback - Quad Diamond - Ruby Parallel                                                #’d to 49
Diamond Relic Rookies Flashback - Quad Diamond - Emerald Parallel                                          #’d to 10
Diamond Relic Rookies Flashback - Quad Diamond - Pure Black Parallel                                       #’d 1-of-1
Base Set - Diamond Relics Parallel (Single)                                                                                          #’d to 5
Base Set - Pure Black Diamond Relics Parallel (Single)                                                                      #’d 1-of-1
Base Set - Diamond Relics Parallel (Double)                                                                                       #’d to 5
Base Set - Pure Black Diamond Relics Parallel (Double)                                                                    #’d 1-of-1
Base Set - Diamond Relics Parallel (Triple)                                                                                         #’d to 5
Base Set - Pure Black Diamond Relics Parallel (Triple)                                                                      #’d 1-of-1
Base Set - Diamond Relics Parallel (Quad)                                                                                          #’d to 5
Base Set - Pure Black Diamond Relics Parallel (Quad)                                                                       #’d 1-of-1
NEW! Diamond Legends - Purple Diamond Relic Auto Parallel                                                        #’d to 10
NEW! Diamond Legends - Pure Black Diamond Relic Auto Parallel                                                 #’d 1-of-1
NEW! Diamond Stars - Purple Diamond Relic Auto Parallel                                                              #’d to 10
NEW! Diamond Stars - Pure Black Diamond Relic Auto Parallel                                                       #’d 1-of-1
NEW! Diamond Futures - Purple Diamond Relic Auto Parallel                                                         #’d to 10
NEW! Diamond Futures - Pure Black Diamond Relic Auto Parallel                                                  #’d 1-of-1 

Autograph Cards (Non-Diamond Relic)  

Card                                                                                                                      #’ing/Ratio
Base Set - Pure Black Auto Parallel                                                                                                     Varied #’ing
NEW! Diamond Legends - Auto Parallel                                                                                             Varied #’ing
NEW! Diamond Legends - Premium Relic Auto Parallel                                                                  Varied #’ing
NEW! Diamond Stars - Auto Parallel                                                                                                   Varied #’ing
NEW! Diamond Stars - Premium Relic Auto Parallel                                                                        Varied #’ing
NEW! Diamond Futures - Auto Parallel                                                                                               #’d to 99
NEW! Diamond Futures - Premium Relic Auto Parallel                                                                    #’d to 25
Gemography                                                                                                                                            #’d to 25
Jewels of the Draft                                                                                                                                  #’d to 99
Sparkling Scripts                                                                                                                                      1:12
Silver on Black Signatures                                                                                                                     Varied #’ing
Silver on Black Rookie Signatures (Tier 1)                                                                                          #’d to 249
Silver on Black Rookie Signatures (Tier 2)                                                                                          #’d to 99
Rookie Gems - Pure Black Signatures Parallel (Tier 1)                                                                      #’d to 199
Rookie Gems - Pure Black Signatures Parallel (Tier 2)                                                                       #’d to 99
Sparkling Scripts - Spectrum Parallel                                                                                                    #’d to 25
Silver on Black Signatures - Spectrum Parallel                                                                                   Varied #’ing
Silver on Black Rookie Signatures - Spectrum Parallel (Tier 1)                                                         #’d to 99
Silver on Black Rookie  - Spectrum Parallel Signatures (Tier 2)                                                        #’d to 25
Rookie Gems - Pure Black Signatures - Spectrum Parallel                                                                #’d 1-of-1
NEW! Winter Classic Memories - Gold Auto Parallel                                                                        #’d to 2-Digit Year of WC
Retired Numbers Patches - Gold Auto Parallel                                                                                  #’d to Jersey Number
Auto Rookie Team Logo Jumbo Patch - Full Logo Patch #1                                                              #’d to 99
Auto Rookie Team Logo Jumbo Patch - Full Logo Patch #2                                                              #’d to 49
Auto Rookie Team Logo Jumbo Patch - Full Logo Patch #3                                                              #’d to 25
Auto Rookie Team Logo Jumbo Patch - Full Logo Patch #4                                                              #’d to 10
Auto Rookie Team Logo Jumbo Patch - NHL Shield Logo Patch                                                       #’d 1-of-1
Diamond Debut - Auto Patch Parallel (Tier 1)                                                                                     #’d to 25
Diamond Debut - Auto Patch Parallel (Tier 2)                                                                                     #’d to 10 

Exquisite Cards 

Card                                                                                                                      #’ing/Ratio
Exquisite Collection Performers                                                                                                          #’d to 149
Exquisite Collection Extra Exquisite Jersey                                                                                         #’d to 149
Exquisite Collection Rookie Jumbo Materials                                                                                    #’d to 10
Exquisite Collection Veteran Materials (Tier 1)                                                                                 #’d to 49
Exquisite Collection Veteran Materials (Tier 2)                                                                                 #’d to 25
Exquisite Collection 2006-07 Retro Veterans                                                                                     #’d to 299
Exquisite Collection 2006-07 Retro Rookies                                                                                       #’d to 299
Exquisite Collection Rookies                                                                                                                  #’d to 299
Exquisite Collection Rookies Patch Variant                                                                                         #’d to 99
Exquisite Collection Rookie Draft Day                                                                                                  #’d to 199
Exquisite Collection Rookie Jumbo Materials - Gold Parallel                                                           #’d 1-of-1
Exquisite Collection Veteran Materials - Gold Parallel                                                                      #’d to 3
Exquisite Collection 2006-07 Retro Veterans - Gold Parallel                                                            #’d to 10
Exquisite Collection 2006-07 Retro Rookies - Gold Parallel                                                              #’d to 25
Exquisite Collection Rookies - Gold Parallel                                                                                        #’d to 99
Exquisite Collection Rookies Patch Variant - Gold Parallel                                                               #’d to 1-of-1
Exquisite Collection Rookie Draft Day - Gold Parallel                                                                        #’d to Draft Position 

More Memorabilia, Insert & Tech Cards 

Card                                                                                                                     #’ing/Ratio
NEW! Diamond Legends                                                                                                                      #’d to 49
NEW! Diamond Stars                                                                                                                            #’d to 99
NEW! Diamond Futures                                                                                                                       #’d to 249
Base Set: Active Stars - Premium Relics Parallel                                                                              Varied #’ing
Base Set: Retired Legends - Premium Relics Parallel                                                                       Varied #’ing
Rookie Gems                                                                                                                                           #’d to 399
Rookie Gems - Spectrum Parallel                                                                                                        #’d to 99
NEW! Winter Classic Memories                                                                                                          1:5
Retired Numbers Patches                                                                                                                    #’d to 99
Team Logo Jumbo Patches                                                                                                                  1:5
Rookie Team Logo Jumbo Patches                                                                                                     1:2
Rookie Team Logo Jumbo Patches - Retro Logo Variant                                                                1:8
NEW! Winter Classic Memories - Gold Parallel                                                                                #’d to 2-Digit Year of WC
Retired Numbers Patches - Gold Parallel                                                                                           #’d to Jersey Number
Team Logo Jumbo Patches - Gold Parallel (Full Team Logo)                                                           #’d to 15
Team Logo Jumbo Patches - Gold Parallel (Full Team Alternate Logo)                                         #’d to 5
Team Logo Jumbo Patches - Gold Parallel (NHL Shield Logo)                                                         #’d 1-of-1
Diamond Mine Relics                                                                                                                              1:4
Diamond Mine Dual Relics                                                                                                                    1:12
Diamond Mine Triple Relics                                                                                                                  1:36
Diamond Debut Relics                                                                                                                           #’d to 349
Diamond Mine Relics - Premium Parallel                                                                                           #’d to 25
Diamond Mine Dual Relics - Premium Parallel                                                                                   #’d to 10
Diamond Mine Triple Relics - Premium Parallel                                                                                 #’d to 5
Diamond Might                                                                                                                                      #’d to 99
Run for the Cup                                                                                                                                      #’d to 99
Diamond Cutters                                                                                                                                    1:20
Diamonation                                                                                                                                          #’d to 99
Diamond Gallery                                                                                                                                   1:20 

Regular Base Set & Base Set Parallel Cards 

Card                                                                                                                    #’ing/Ratio
Base Set                                                                                                                                                 #’d to 299
Base Set - Pure Black //                                                                                                                       #’d to 99 

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