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One Piece: Pillars of Strength BOOSTER PACK

One Piece: Pillars of Strength BOOSTER PACK

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The Mighty Enemies that Confronted Luffy and His Crew Joins the Fray!

The third booster is now available, themed on PILLARS OF STRENGTH!
A Third Booster Themed the Strong Enemies of the Past! Featuring characters from Water 7, East Blue, Big Mom Pirates! Also includes a number of cards that can enhance the deck [ST-07] to be released simutaneously!
Full-Fledged Inclusion of the New "Yellow" Color Cards! Enhancing the decks to be released simultaneously and including new combinations of multicolored leaders! Adding a new range of strategies through combos never seen before!
New Type of Alt-Art Cards! New style of alt-art cards from OP-03! This set includes 4 types of cards with the most requested "WANTED" design!
Set Contents: - [4] Special Cards - [8] Leader Cards - [45] Common Cards - [32] Uncommon Cards - [26] Rare Cards - [10] Super Rare Cards - [2] Secret Rare Cards *This product also includes alternative art and parallel design cards from the above types.
Configuration: 24 Pack per Box, 12 Cards per Pack

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