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NEW! RESTOCK | One Piece: Awakening of The New Era BOOSTER BOX

NEW! RESTOCK | One Piece: Awakening of The New Era BOOSTER BOX

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The most anticipated instalment of the One Piece trading card game (TCG), OP-05 Awakening of the New Era, has finally arrived at the Pop Collectibles Canada warehouse and we got you covered for all your OPTCG needs. 

This OP-05 booster box is a factory sealed box that contains a total of 24 booster packs, and each booster pack will include 12 cards. In total, tjere are 126+1 types in total, which will include the following breakdown:

  • 45 Commons
  • 30 Uncommons
  • 26 Rares
  • 10 Super Rares
  • 2 Secret Rares
  • 6 Leaders
  • 6 Specials
  • 1 DON!! Card
  • 1 1st Anniversary Special

The English version of the OP-05 booster box is a must-have for fans trying to complete their English decks or for fans that are looking to complete their collection. We (Pop Collectibles Canada) also carry the Japanese variants of the One Piece trading card game, which you can check out here!

Over the years, Pop Collectibles Canada has built a reputation for having some of the best shipping for collectible items in Canada. Regardless of what you purchase at Pop Collectibles, just know that our team of collectors will treat everything with respect and make sure they get to you in "One Piece".

Complete your One Piece trading card collection by purchasing this sealed box of OP-05: Awakening of the New Era today! 

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