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2019 Topps Big League Baseball Hobby Pack

2019 Topps Big League Baseball Hobby Pack


  • 2019 Topps Big League Baseball Hobby Pack

    One Gold Parallel Per Pack!

    Look for a full 400-card base set that includes Veterans & Rookies, Stat Kings, Award Winners and Highlights from 2018. Additional new inserts will be featured in this year's product, as well as a new consumer program.

    Build your master set at a consumer-friendly price point while searching for parallels, rare variations, and unique subset cards.


    BASE CARDS: Big League Baseball has a base set that features imagery of the game's veteran and rookie stars, and will also include cards devoted to unique figures and aspects of the game such as Stat Kings, Award Winners, and Highlights.

    Base Parallels:

    - Gold Parallel: 1 per pack!
    - Rainbow Foil Parallel: sequentially numbered to 100.
    - Artist Rendition Parallel: sequentially numbered to 50.
    - Red Foil Parallel: numbered 1-of-1.


    Players Weekend Nicknames: Featuring imagery from Players Weekend

    Ballpark Oddities: Featuring unique highlights that happened on the field in 2018. NEW!

    Blast Off: Showcasing some of the farthest hit HRs of the 2018 season. NEW!

    Wall Climbers: Highlighting the best HR robbing, and best catches up against the outfield wall. NEW!

    Star Caricature Originals & Reproductions


    Big League Autographs: Autograph cards of top MLB veterans, baseball personalities, retired greats, and more.

    Rookie Republic Autographs: Featuring the top 2019 rookies.

    Look for low-numbered parallel variations of both subsets:

    - Gold Border Parallel: sequentially numbered.
    - Black & White Image Parallel: sequentially numbered to 25.
    - Red Foil Parallel: numbered 1-of-1.

    10 Cards Per Pack

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