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2015-16 SP Game Used Hockey Hobby Box

2015-16 SP Game Used Hockey Hobby Box

$169.95 $179.95

4 Cards per Pack
10 Packs per Box 
8 Boxes per Inner Shipper
2 Inner Shippers per Case

2015-16 SPx Hockey

Caters to Rookie Card and advanced hockey set collectors


         Collect 1 Autographed Jersey Rookie Or Retro Autographed Jersey Rookie  Card              IN EVERY BOX!

o   Grab 2 Additional Autograph, Memorabilia Or Premium Insert Cards PER BOX!

         UPDATE! Look For Trilogy Update Rookie Cards!

o   Featuring Autographed and Low-Numbered Rare Autographed Variations!

         THEY ARE BACK! Grab Your Signature Shots Stick Signings From The Classic                   Sweet Shot Collection!

o    Featuring Many of This Year’s Top Rookies, All Numbered to 25!

         Newly-Designed Rookie Cards Featuring Acetate Windows With Jersey And Patch Parallels!

o   Look For Inscribed Autographs On Some Of The Red & Green Acetate Parallels!

o   Including Green Parallels #’D To Just 10 – HUGE HITS!

         Find New Chase Cards Including: Shift Change, Stick Wizards And Name On The Front!

o   Including Autographed Parallels!

         Acetate Rookie Cards

o   Acetate Auto Rookies - #’d to 299

o   Acetate Auto Jersey Rookie Tier 1 - #’d to 499

o   Acetate Auto Jersey Rookie Tier 2 - #’d to 349

o   Acetate Jersey Rookie - #’d to 349

o   Acetate Red Auto Rookie - #’d to 50

o   Acetate Red Patch Rookie - #’d to 50

o   Acetate Red Auto Patch Rookie - #’d to 50

o   Acetate Green Auto Rookie - #’d to 10

o   Acetate Green Patch Rookie - #’d to 10

o   Acetate Green Auto Patch Rookie - #’d to 10

         Trilogy Rookie Update Cards

o   Trilogy Update RC - #’d to 799

o   Trilogy Update RC Auto - #’d to 399

o   Trilogy Update RC Rare Auto - #’d to 49

         SPx Autographed, Memorabilia & Premium Cards

o   Sweet Shot – Signature Shots Stick Signings - #’d to 25

o   Monochromatic Jersey – Inserted 1:20

o   X-Jersey Dual – Inserted 1:80

o   X-Jersey Quad – Inserted 1:160

o   X-Patch Dual – #’d to 10

o   X-Patch Quad - #’d to 3

         2005-06 Retro Cards

o   ‘05-06 Retro Jersey – Inserted 1:15

o   ‘05-06 Retro Auto Jersey Tier-1 - #’d to 225

o   ‘05-06 Retro Auto Jersey Tier-2 - #’d to 125

o   ‘05-06 Retro Auto Patch - #’d to 15

o   ‘05-06 Retro Patch - #’d to 15

         Cool SPx  Inserts

o   Shift Change – Inserted 1:5

o   Stick Wizards – Inserted 1:5

o   Name on The Front – Inserted 1:23

o   Shift Change Auto //- Inserted 1:120

o   Stick Wizards Auto // - Inserted 1:160

o   Name on The Front Auto //-  #’d to 10

         More Rookie Cards

o   Rookie High Series Foil SPs – Inserted 1:4

         Regular Cards

o   60 Regular Cards

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