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2015 Topps Star Wars Masterwork Hobby Box

2015 Topps Star Wars Masterwork Hobby Box


  • Star Wars Masterwork Hobby Box (Topps 2015)

    Each Master Box contains One On-Card Autograph and One Premium Sketch Card!

    Every Mini-Box contains One Hit: an Autograph, Relic, Sketch Card, Medallion, or Printing Plate!

    Quite possibly the greatest Star Wars Trading Card product ever produced!

    Star Wars Masterwork features never seen before hits and rich parallels including those made from never used before materials in a Star Wars trading card set!

    From base cards to the rarest hits, the unprecedented design, ultra-premium stock and the finest classic imagery, each card is a work of art.


    STAR WARS MASTERWORK (105 total cards):

    - (75) Base Cards 
    - (10) Defining Moments Insert
    - (10) Companions Insert
    - (10) Scum & Villainy Insert


    The Most Beloved Star Wars Characters As They've Never Been Seen Before!

    75 Base Cards featured on 72-point heavyweight premium stock in an exquisite, extensively foil-stamped design. Four Parallels to enjoy and collect!


    DEFINING MOMENTS: The most important turning points for 10 classic characters

    COMPANIONS: 10 famous partnerships from the Star Wars Saga

    SCUM & VILLAINY: A 10-card rogue's gallery of everyone's favorite bad guys


    Six Super-Collectable Substrates to Collect.

    Each Defining Moments, Companions and Scum & Villainy Insert Card will be printed in foil, canvas, clear acetate, wood, metal, and golden metal. All sequentially-numbered!

    Foil Parallel: Number to 299

    Wood Parallel: Number to 50

    Metal Parallel: Number to 10

    Golden Metal Parallel: 1/1

    Canvas Insert: Number to 99

    Clear Acetate Insert Number to 25


    Blue Metallic Base: Number to 299

    Silver Metallic Base: Numbered to 99

    Green Metallic Base: Numbered to 50

    Gold Metallic Base: 1/1



    Fan Favorite Sketch Cards Taken to a Whole New Level!

    SKETCH CARDS: 1st ever Star Wars Sketch Cards featured on 72-pt heavyweight premium stock

    SKETCH CARD VARIANT: Featuring rare alternate logo and hand-numbered to 10

    WOOD SKETCH CARD: 1st ever Star Wars Wood Sketch Card that is foil stamped and hand-numbered to 5

    SKETCH CARD BOOK: This ultra rare 310-pt 2-panel sketch book is hand-numbered 1/1

    SKETCH CARD PUZZLE: Look for 50 mini boxes loaded with 4 sketch cards per mini box which combine into a 1/1 ultra rare puzzle!


    ON-CARD AUTOGRAPHS - 1 per Master Box

    The Most Extensive Star Wars List of Signers Ever!

    AUTOGRAPHS: Actors sign directly on amazing foil stamped 72-point heavyweight premium stock cards


    - FOIL: Numbered to 25*
    - CANVAS: Numbered to 10* 
    - WOOD: 1/1

    DUAL AUTOGRAPH BOOKS (STICKERED): 5 autographed books each numbered to 5

    SILVER FRAMED AUTOGRAPHS: Numbered to 29* in a silver metal frame, 1 Per Case



    Groundbreaking Relics Take Collectability to New Heights!

    SIGNATURE PEN AUTOGRAPH RELICS: A piece of the pen actually held and used by the actor signing the autograph!

    WEAPON LINEAGE MEDALLIONS: 5 Per Case; Commemorates iconic weapons and the legendary hands through which they have passed

    MOMENTOUS MOVIE RELICS: Authentic set materials from the movies

    STAR WARS POSTAGE STAMP RELICS: 1 Per Case; Authentic US postage stamps featuring iconic images by famed illustrator Drew Struzan

    4 Mini-Boxes Per Mast Box, 5 Cards Per Pack

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